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My Uncle Larry lived a great big life and passed away at age 94. He was a medic during World War II for 5 years. He was on Omaha Beach the day they stormed Normandy (D-Day). Larry survived. He was one of 4 survivors in his platoon of 46 that day. D-Day saw the loss of 10,000 men. 3,000 just on Omaha Beach. Uncle Larry received 5 Purple Hearts. With him dies a little bit of our history. But what I remember most is that he lived a quiet post-war life delivering candy to convenience stores. I'm sure he wanted to do something bigger, but a lot of his spirit was left with WWII. Sometimes he’d pull up in his candy truck and say, “Lisa, see that truck out there…you go in there and take whatever you want!" I thought he was a hero, just for that. 


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