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I have a super soft spot for the hardcore DIY punk boys (and their riot grrl counterparts). The ones who collected feminist zines when they were young adults. The ones who became vegan and will stick with it until they’re dead. The ones who teach themselves, and don’t need permission to make films, write books, create art, or record music. The ones who ride bikes or drive vegetable oil cars because fuck you oil companies. The ones who tattoo, pierce, spike, and wear their rebellion. The ones who use credit unions to snub big banks but who hardly make much for the big banks to care. The ones who wear band shirts because those bands say something of value. The ones who fight for the rights of others because they care. The ones who will squat an abandoned property because there's something wrong with the nature of capitalism. The ones who ride the crowd because they are supported by community. The ones who will always be grumpy about and question the mainstream. The ones who have strong ethics and don’t act with preciousness. The ones who are hard on the outside but soft as flowers on the inside.   


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