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"A Journal that will make you put your smartphone down!"

- Conde-Nast Traveler


"While we've heard of numerous cures for writer's block, none seem to obliterate the problem --until now... Enter The Listography Series, a collection of journals determined to get you writing."

- Nylon Magazine


"A journal that helps reduce stress."

- Buzzfeed


"These lists mean more than moving toward the future: they help us remember the past."

- Boston Globe


"Books that will make your seatmate jealous on the plane."

- Teen Vogue


"Lisa Nola, list-maker extraordinaire behind the popular book series, uses lists to stay organized and remember important people and events in her life."

- Woman's Day


"These quirky books encourage you to record your personal highlights. As you scribble, you'll find yourself reflecting on your past --and making plans for the future. Give yourself that boost."

- Shape Magazine


"Diaries that make a difference!"

- Elle UK

LISA NOLA is the creator of the LISTOGRAPHY JOURNAL SERIES (translated into 7 languages), The Listography Board Game, One List a Day journal, Date Night In, the new MINI Memoir journal, and the popular list-making website: With well over a million copies sold, and over 400,000 sign-ups, Lisa's mission is to inspire creative auto-biography and reflection through list-making.


Her JOURNALS provide people of all ages with a fun way to meditate on life: past, present, and future.

From the author:

"A few weeks before I lost my mother to cancer, I came upon her crying in her room. She said to me, “I am really going to miss eating a piece of toast.” This moment has remained with me as a gift. I regularly remind myself to appreciate everyday experiences and to revisit happy memories—which is hard to keep track of sometimes. And so, I make lists.

The JOURNALS help us reflect and preserve, cultivate our sense of gratitude, and ask us to be creative with our lives, which are ultimately our most important works of art.

What a mystery it is to all be here together on this planet. I hope you have a good life collecting the many wonderful elements of human experience––including a nice piece of toast!"

Lisa is Korean American. She earned her B.A. at UC Berkeley, and earned postgraduate degrees from both Mills College and CSU East Bay. She also served as a teacher for over twelve years. 

Her work has been covered by Conde-Nast Traveler, Buzzfeed, Elle UK, Woman's Day, CNN, Daily Mail, Nylon, Lifehacker, Alternative Press, Discovery Channel, Teen Vogue, The Boston Globe, USA Today, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Wired Magazine, Shape Magazine, Boing Boing and more.


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